Online Masterclasses Structural Noetic Astrology

Masterclass Workshop Series Structural Noetic Astrology: Basic Level

Masterclass Workshop Series Structural Noetic Astrology: Basic Level

In this series of 7 online classes, participants will be able to learn the fundamental concepts of Structural Noetic Astrology (SNA) and begin to integrate them in their lives and practice as astrologers. There will be 6 classes given online on Friday evenings once a month. These will focus on the theoretical foundation of SNA: astrological, scientific, esoteric, and mythological/historical. The final workshop will be an integration and practice day, in which we use the concepts in delineating sample horoscopes and prepare for the second year of this Masterclass.

Each class in the Basic Level year will provide the participants with the essential building blocks of a new, paradigm-altering method for including the interaction of the metaphysical reality of consciousness in the interpretation of horoscopes. By understanding the metaphysical aspects, the interpretation of the material, psychological and physical aspects of reality revealed in the horoscope appear in a broader, more meaningful and coherent context.

You are welcome to participate in as many classes as you wish.  Those who choose to take part in the entire series of 7 classes and complete the three assignments and interpretation test will receive a certificate for completion of the Basic Level. Those participants enrolled in the degree program at Caelestis and completing all the classes may receive accreditation for the specialization of Structural Astrology on their diploma.  Those who have already participated in the first, introductory workshop “The Essence of Lilith and Astrological Black Moon” may begin with the second class in January, or repeat the first for a reduced fee.

A description of each of the classes is below. You can sign up by clicking on the links for each of the sessions you wish to attend. If you wish to do the certification program in English, use this link:

If you would prefer to do the intensive workshops on location in Utrecht in Dutch, click here:

Class Description and Dates

Dates and Cost: Select the date in the link for the class you wish to attend. The cost is 25 euros per online class. This includes the audio recording, digital lesson material from my first book, a discount on the entire book when it is available, and discount for personal consultation with me.

ASAS, VZLA and Blue Rose members and (former) Caelestis students receive a 5 euro reduction.

Workshop 1 and introduction to the Masterclass: The Essence of Lilith and the Astrological Black Moon

Dates: Online in English 11 November 2022

This workshop is the only workshop which is required to participate in the others, as the correct understanding of the Black Moon is central to Structural Noetic Astrology.

We first examine the most ancient Mesopotamian myths and history around the figure of Lilith. We will disprove the misunderstandings and lies around her that have primarily arisen through patriarchal organizations and authorities. At the end of the morning session, we will consider the essence of Lilith as it exists in each of us, both men and women.

Then we will look at the relationship between Lilith and astrological Black Moon, and learn how to interpret the Black Moon in the process of recognizing and integrating this universal essence of Consciousness.

Workshop 2: The Black Sun – the Unified Conscious Field

Dates: Online in English 13 January 2023

This session will focus on the deepest understanding of the creation of the universe both in modern, quantum science and ancient creation myths. In this way, the participants can begin to understand the astrological Black Sun as field of unlimited potential and possibilities, the Source from which all arises. We will also explore the opposite point to the Black Sun, the Diamond and discuss its relation to self-actualization.

The afternoon will be spent looking at the way the Black Sun and Diamon operate in our own horoscopes. Which areas offer us a wide range of opportunity to become greater than who we have been? How and where can we refine a specific area or skill to achieve our highest potential?


Workshop 3: The Dual Axes of the Black Luminaries and the Lemescat of Enlightenment

Dates: Online in English 24 February 2023

The aim of this class is to understand the interaction of the various points of the Black Luminaries. First, we will discuss each of the two axes of the Black Luminaries individually: the Black Moon with Priapus, and the Black Sun with the Diamond. Participants will be offered various guidelines to interpreting these axes in sign and house, and use them in the delineation of their own horoscopes.

After that, the four points of the Black Luminaries will be discussed as phases in the process of becoming Conscious, or Self-Realization. We will explore the concept of enlightenment and relate these concepts to the Lemescat of the Black Luminaries.

Workshop 4: The Process of Creation and the Lunar Nodal Cross

Dates: Online in English 31 March 2023;

In Structural Noetic Astrology, the Moon’s Nodes and the squares to them, Dragon and Beast, are seen as indicating the process through which man’s likeness to the Divine is made evident. This is the process of creation, of taking the immaterial spark of intuition from consciousness and manifesting it in the physical realm of matter. It is in the action of creating something unique and hitherto unknown in the world which represents that which we were born to accomplish in this life, our purpose and our mission.

Yet this purpose is not illustrated in the horoscope simply by one point or dual understanding of past to future, but is shown in the fourfold process of the Lunar Nodal Cross. To begin with we will examine each of these points and their meaning, while later participants will explore the working of the process in their own lives and horoscopes. 

Workshop 5: The Wholistic Structure of the Horoscope,  Persephone and Vulcan

Dates: Online in English 5 May 2023;

The Hellenistic structure based on the seven visible planets was unexpectedly shattered by the discovery of Uranus in 1781. As the number of planets has increased, the old paradigm has been increasingly stretched in an attempt to incorporate these new factors. But much as in physics and the quantum paradigm, it is time for a new structure based on logic and precedent for astrology. Central to this new structure are the two, as yet undiscovered planets Persephone and Vulcan, the trans-Saturnal counterparts to Venus and Mercury, respectively.

The session will first cover the astrological, scientific and esoteric precedents will be discussed from which the existence of the two new planets can be extrapolated. We will explore the mythological background from several cultures in order to propose interpretations relevant to the two planets. After that, we will discuss the new rulerships of the signs based on the seven old and the seven new planets. These rulerships can be used to quickly understand which factors in the horoscope will be particularly significant in the native’s life.

Workshop 6:  Pars Fortuna Horoscope and the Call of Destiny

Dates: Online in English 16 June 2023

Although the processes described by the Black Luminaries and Lunar Nodal Cross offer insight into understanding who we are, and why we are here, the question as to how these processes unfold still remains. Underlying the seemingly arbitrary assignment of personal characteristics, talents, challenges, motivations and interests shown in the radix horoscope moves an unseen force directing out development. For those who choose to consciously walk the path of Self-Actualization and Creation, the final metaphysical factor in horoscope, the Pars Fortuna begins to function in a fashion supporting our highest evolution.

First the history and practice of interpreting the Pars Fortuna will be examined in a variety of astrological schools. We will then look at the construction of a horoscope in which the “ascendant to the Moon” is on the cusp or the first house, and the information that the planets reveal when placed in this new wheel.

The assignment for certification will be for participants to examine their own PF-horoscope and write an delineation fo the possible implications it holds for their development. This session will also include a short introduction of the concepts to be taught in the second Practitioner year of the Masterclass, as well as the assignment for the Integration/Practice Day in Workshop 7.

Workshop 7:  Integration and Practice Day

Dates: Online in English 14 July 2023;

This workshop is required for anyone wishing to receive a certificate for the Basic Level in Structural Noetic Astrology.

In the morning session, the participants will bring in questions about the subjects of each of the previous six workshops. In the afternoon, participants will practice using these concepts in interpretating example horoscopes. The workshop will conclude with the presentation of certificates.