Online Masterclasses Structural Noetic Astrology

Masterclass Workshop Series Structural Noetic Astrology: Basic Level

Masterclass Structural Noetic Astrology

In this series of 7 online lessons, participants can learn the fundamental concepts of Structural Noetic Astrology (SNA) and begin to integrate them into their life and practice as astrologers. There will be 6 lessons focusing on the theoretical basis of SNA: astrological, scientific, esoteric and mythological/historical. The last lesson will include a review of the previous sessions, plus  certification for those who have attended/watched the entire course and submit a final report.

You are welcome to join as many classes as you like.

Below you will find a description of each of the lessons. You can sign up by sending an email through the contact link above.

Workshop description and dates

Dates and costs:  10 January 2024, 7 February, 13 March, 17 April, 8 May, 5 June, 10 July; your investment is 30. – Euro per leson or 200.- Euro for the entire course.

Lesson 1 : The Essence of Lilith and the astrological Black Moon

The Black Moon is central to Structural Noetic Astrology.

To understand the Black Moon, we must first consult the oldest Mesopotamian myths and history surrounding the figure of Lilith. We will disprove the misunderstandings and lies about her in order to discover the essence of Lilith.

Then we look at the relationship between Lilith and the astrological Black Moon, and  learn how to interpret the Black Moon as the essence of universal Consciousness in each inciviual, the spark of Sophia.

Lesson 2: The Black Sun – the Unified field of Consciousness

We will begin again by clearing up misunderstandings before looking more deeply into the mythical background of the Black Sun. In this way we can perceive the Black Sun differently, as a field of unlimited consciousness and possibilities, the Source from which everything emanates. We will also explore the opposite point of the Black Sun, the Diamond, which shows refinement of consciousness in the process of self-actualization.

Lesson 3: The Enlightenment Process of Dual Axes of the Black Luminaries 

The purpose of this lesson is to understand the interaction between the two axes of the Black Luminaries. First we discuss the meaning of each point on the two axes  separately: the Black Moon, Priapus, Black Sun and  Diamond.

Then we discuss the process that the foursome illustrates in their interaction with each other. Viewed thus, these points show the stages – including pitfalls – in the process of coming to Consciousness, or Self-realization. We will explore the concept of enlightenment and relate these concepts to the Lemescat of the Black Luminaries.

Lesson 4: The Creation Process  and the Lunar Nodal Cross

In Structural Noetic Astrology, squares to the Nodes of the Moon are called the Dragon and Beast axis. Together, these four points show how each of us actualizes our unique  creative process, and how we can accomplish our life’s work.

Lesson 5: The New Planets and a Holistic Structure of the Horoscope 

As the number of new planets increases, the old astrological paradigm of 5 planets and 2 luminaries has proven to be inadequate to sufficiently describe the entirity of new astronomical information. Just as quantum physics demands a new paradigm in science, the new planets demand a more inclusive structure in astrology, which embraces the whole picture based on esoteric and astronomical laws.

At the center of this new structure are the two as – yet undiscovered planets Persephone and Vulcan, the trans-Saturnal counterparts of Venus and Mercury, respectively. In addition to these two planets, we will discuss the new rulerships of the zodiac signs the “non-visible” new objects represent.

Lesson 6: Pars Fortuna Horoscope and Your Life Purpose

While the processes represented by the Black Luminaries and the Lunar Nodal Cross provide insights into understanding who we are and why we are here, the question of how remains unanswered. Beneath the seemingly arbitrary assignment of personal characteristics, talents, challenges, motivations and interests shown in the radix horoscope, an unseen force moves within and around us that directs our  development. For those who choose to consciously walk the path of Self Actualization and Creation, the last metaphysical factor in the horoscope, the Pars Fortuna, begins to function in a way that supports our highest evolution.

Lesson 7: Repetition and Integration

In addition to a review of the previous topics, participants can ask questions. The meeting will be concluded with the presentation of the certificates.