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Astrology of the Invisible Luminaries

Welcome to the website for The Astrology of the Invisible Luminaries. My name is Charlotte Wenner, and I offer consultations in Structural Noetic Astrology and guidance in your processes of change and transformation.

I have been providing consultations, workshops, lessons, lectures and articles in the areas of astrology and personal development since 2001. More recently, an increasing number of clients have been requesting insight into various experiences of change in their lives: the search for a more satisfying career, the establishment of healthier relationships, the discovery of and pursuit of their own unique spiritual path.

I have found that it is not only extremely important to be aware of one’s own psychological needs, motivations, desires and (conditioned) inner obstacles during these processes, but the underlying process of (re)acknowledging and integrating your own universal, spiritual identity and mission in this life. Since 2008 I have used the new system of astrology which includes the Black Moon, Black Sun, Lunar Nodal Cross and other metaphysical factors, Structural Astrology developed by George Bode. However, through my work with countless consultations and examples from my students, I have gradually added insights from the quantum and noetic sciences as well as myths and wisdom from ancient cultures to allow the information to resonate at even deeper levels of consciousness. Therefore, since August 2022 I have called my new form Structural Noetic Astrology.

In my consultations, lessons and workshops, I make use of various disciplines to foster experiential insights and breakthroughs for the client or participants: Structural noetic Astrology, Family and Organization Systemic Work, techniques for deprogramming and reprogramming subconscious conditioning, energetic healing techniques, as well as relaxation and meditation. In 2022/2023 my first book on Structural Noetic Astrology will be published, and I will offer a 7 – part “masterclass” on the fundamental concepts explained in the book. For those who have not already been educated in astrology, I am also a teacher at a 4-year profession degree program in astrology at Caelestis School for Astrology.

A new beginning and a new life is truly possible, even today! We can reach our highest potential by letting go of all the limiting old habits, convictions, and beliefs we have held about ourselves since childhood, and realizing that we can take a different path as conscious adult.
We will be just like the caterpillar which pushes itself out of the old shell of its cocoon, and takes wing as a beautiful butterfly.



Since my youth I have always been fascinated by the power and complexity of the human psyche. At the age of fifteen I not only began studying 


An astrological consultation is not merely an exchange of information. It is an form of intimate co-operation in an atmosphere of trust and respect for the other. 


In this series of 7 workshops, participants will be able to learn the fundamental concepts of Structural Noetic Astrology (SNA) and begin to integrate them in


In the past fifteen years, I have contributed articles to both Dutch and English astrology magazines. An example can be found below on this page. I was particularly pleased

The Caterpillar

Just as the caterpillar must shed its cocoon

to gradually be revealed as  butterfly

So we too must release all our limitations

In order to reveal our true Selves.