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Welcome to the website for The Astrology of the Invisible Luminaries. My name is Charlotte Wenner, and I offer readings in Structural Noetic Astrology and guidance in your processes of change and transformation.

I have been providing consultations, workshops, lessons, lectures and publications in the areas of astrology and personal development since 2001. I customize my sessions to the client’s needs using a variety of disciplines: spiritual astrology, systemic work, visualization and meditation techniques.

A new beginning, a new life is possible! Even today. We only have to free ourselves from old limiting conditioning, habits and beliefs to start a new path. Just like a caterpillar sheds its cocoon to be reborn as a butterfly.



Since my youth I have always been fascinated by the power and complexity of the human psyche. At the age of fifteen I not only began studying psychology at school but began my discovery of astrology as well. Both of these disciplines have granted me countless insights into the nature and working of our inner being. My subsequent work with meditation and energetic therapies have expanded these insights exponentially.


An astrological consultation is not merely an exchange of information. It is an form of intimate co-operation in an atmosphere of trust and respect for the other. 


The first step we set together in our journey of discovery is during the orientation process, in which we share information with each other. In this exchange, we can find out if your goals and wishes will be met through my method of working and perspective. We will thus be able to establish if we can expect a fruitful relationship and co-operation.


from January 2024: recordings of the complete online Masterclass Structural astrology available. 

Lesson 1: The Essence of Lilith and the Black Moon

Lesson 2: The Black Sun and the Unified Field

Lesson 3: The Lemescat Process of the Black Luminaries and Enlightenmnet

Lesson 4: Slaying the Dragon, Taming the Beast: the Nodal Cross

Lesson 5: Persephone and Vulcan, the Transsaturnal Counterparts to Venus and Mercury

Lesson 6: The Pars Fortuna Horoscope of Destiny

Lesson 7: Review and Preview of Advanced Course


1st BookStructural Noetic Astrology Part 1: A New Paradigm of Consciousness and Matter’ (English). For sale

December 2023 The Mountain Astrologer: ‘The Essence of Lilith and the Astrological Black Moon

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The Caterpillar

Just as the caterpillar must shed its cocoon

to gradually be revealed as  butterfly

So we too must release all our limitations

In order to reveal our true Selves.