In the past fifteen years, I have contributed articles to both Dutch and English astrology magazines. An  example can be found below on this page.

 I was particularly pleased to publish two articles on the Black Luminaries in The Mountain Astrologer, the June/July and August/September editions in 2018. For the interested readers, I will be (re-)publishing them on my Medium page at . Other articles can be found on the Facebook page, The Astrology of the Invisible Luminaries, at

In mei 2023 my first book was published, The Astrology of the Invisible Luminaries, Part 1.

The articles below originally appeared on the Astrology of the Invisible Luminaries’ Facebook page.

Consciousness Recognizing and Embracing Itself: the Black Moon and Black Sun Axes as Process of Enlightenment

         One question often posed with regard to the Invisible Luminaries is how these points can be seen in relation to and integrated into the rest of the birth chart. It would be a mistake to isolate the interpretation of the Black Moon or the Black Sun. To begin with, both of the these luminaries form an endpoint to each of their respective axes: the point opposite the Black Moon is Priapus, and the point opposite the Black Sun is the Diamond (see my earlier articles on these axes). But just as the Invisible Luminaries are both included in their respective axes, so too do they have a relationship with each other, just as the (White) Sun and Moon are inextricably bound to each other astrologically in the birth and development  of forming ones emotional and psychological identity.

         However, the process in which the Black Sun and Moon are involved does not unfold in the physical, psychological or emotional realm, but belongs to the metaphysical level of existence. Along with the Moon’s Nodal Cross, the Black Moon and Sun axes describe development of the Soul or Consciousness. The points belonging to the Invisible Luminaries reveal this process at the level of experience, whereas the Moon’s Nodal Cross describes the meaning the experiential level has within the whole. Thus not only can the individual’s flowering as a unique embodiment of the whole of Existence  be understood (Black Sun and Moon process) but also the purpose that flowering has within the entirety of Existence itself (Moon’s Nodal Cross process).

         The experiential process of Consciousness recognizing itself begins astrologically  at birth with the Black Moon. This point represents the elevated, pure form of wisdom, ability and insight which the newborn brings with him or her to the physical incarnation. The Black Moon shows quality of Consciousness through which something can be known without thought process of physical evidence. It is also knowledge which refuses to submit itself or conform to the  norms and expectations dictated by  society, community or family. The Black Moon thus also engenders rejection. As a child is dependent on others, she quickly learns what forms of expression are acceptable, and repeats these conditioned forms in the manner represented by Priapus in the horoscope. Obviously, this artificial behavior wins friends and family, but, certainly by the time (young) adulthood is reached, begins to chaff  the Soul. Surely there is more meant for human consciousness than living within the confines of socially-accepted forms?

         At his point the individual begins investigating the infinite forms of manifestation and possibility in Life in the arena described by the placement of the Black Sun in the horoscope. The immense vitality, exuberance, and potential experienced at the undifferentiated source of Consciousness and Life reveals all that the individual is part of and himself is. Through the natural process of attraction, the individual concentrates on certain aspects of the wide variety of expressions within Consciousness. He or she develops and refines these aspects in an ever higher expression of his or her essential being. This development or refinement of consciousness to its ultimate expression is represented by the Diamond.  The Black Sun is the recognition of the individual consciousness in Everything, the Diamond is the expression of Everything in the individual consciousness.

         It is at this point – at the recognition of being Everything, all forms – that the individual can return, and embrace, the inner wisdom of the Black Moon – the wisdom stemming from no form, of Nothing. In this sense, the process described by the four points of the Invisible Luminaries is the process of Enlightenment referred to by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

When I see that I am Nothing, that is Wisdom,

When I see that I am Everything, that is Love.

My life is a process between these two points.

Publication of Structural Astrology: Part 1 and my Radix

Mother’s Day 2023 – the birth of my first book on! After five years of planning, writing, rewriting, resubmitting, hope and despair, my dream has finally become a reality. For those interested in Structural Astrology, it is, of course, interesting to look at the progressions to my own chart on this auspicious moment. I

Secondary progressions

The first thing that strikes me about the Secondary progression chart is that the Dragon is squarely situated upon my Ascendant, placing the North Node conjunct Pluto square the Ascendant in the 9th house. A dynamic aspect indeed. I once read an astrologer who said that Pluto conjunct the North Node indicates that this is “not the first time you have come to do this”. This was a statement that I could resonate with, and seems to adequately reflect the position in my current secondary chart. Secondary Chiron is exactly conjunct the 3rd house of the secondary chart and Uranus is in the 9th.  The appearance of Chiron here reminds me of a dream I had when I was in my 30s, shortly after beginning the 5-year degree program in astrology. In the dream, I was an inmate in an insane asylum, but was engaged in conversation with the psychiatrist there as an equal. He said to me, “ When you have healed yourself, you can help others to heal Uranus is related to my work as astrologer (in house 10); its placement in the 3 – 9 axis shows communicating my vision of astrology integrated with a wide range of other disciplines in book form to people internationally.

Then there is the stellium in Capricorn which begins with the Diamond conjunct the cusp of house 2. Mercury is just separating from the conjunction with Saturn, while the Sun is applying by 1 degree. The hard work is not finished. After this weekend I will start polishing Part 2 of the series, which I have already finished as a draft. The Progressed Moon has just left its square from the 10th house to Jupiter in 2, and will square the Sun in July, Saturn end of August and Mercury in October. This pretty much describes the time frame I have in mind for editing and publishing Part 2.

Secondary to Radix

In the Synastry between the Secondary Progressions and the Radix, Black Moon (Not – Corrected) is just a few minutes of arc away from an exact square to my radix Ascendant. The BMNC is the “executor”, and publishing this book independently is the manner that express it through my personality. The Secondary stellium in Capricorn is now on top of the Radix Priapus (Not-Corrected) opposite BMNC. Surely the writing of these books requires every ounce of the skills I developed in using language and integrating the higher concepts of the Black Luminary astrology to the utmost! In this sense, Priapus can truly be used to assist the manifestations of the Diamond – Black Moon phase.

Finally, the Secondary Moon, which George Bode says serves as the “trigger” to cause more slower moving progressions to manifest in an actual event or development, is just a few minutes of arc shy of an exact square to Mars in the Black Moon Zone in 9th from the 12th house in Libra. It will square the radix Black Moon Corrected in September, sextile radix Uranus and trine radix Chiron February to April 2024, and cross the radix Ascendant in May 2024.

Transit to Radix

 The Transits at publication also show the prominence of the Dragon/Lunar Nodal Cross in this event. The Dragon is almost exactly conjunct my MC and the Beast is at my IC. Quite honestly, after the initial elation of publishing the book, my predominant emotion is a bit of anxiety about its reception. Lacking the funds to hire experts, I had to write, design and edit everything myself. Of course there were people who would have helped, but this would have added untold weeks or months to the publication date and I have been fortunate enough to have interested enough people in reading the book that I deemed a speedy publication more important than a flawless publication. Nevertheless, I am a perfectionist by nature, so am suffering a bit with the knowledge that there are most certainly typographical mistakes and changes to the language I would have made if I had re-read it again for the umpteenth time. This is the Dragon at its worst on the MC, and I am resolved to relax and let my child proceed into the world on its merits, for better or worse. The Beast is urging me to relax and withdraw for a new project at home, and with summer break coming up, I shall be plugging away again in relative seclusion at Part 2.

Transit Uranus is conjunct Radis Vulcan, and it is indeed a combination of astrology being offered worldwide. For the first time, people who do not read Dutch will be able to learn about the fundamental concepts of Structural Astrology, which has only truly been developed and published in the Dutch language. Transit Venus is conjunct the Radix Corrected Black Moon, and she is entering the Black Moon Zon, where she will stay the 27th of May.

Jupiter has just moved over its opposition to the Ascendant, and it joins the North Node and Mercury, Uranus and the Sun in the 7th house, opposite my Scorpio stellium of Neptune, Mercury and Sun in the 1st. Hoping that this indicates that despite my anxieties, the “other” – the public that reads my book – will be well disposed to what I have written.

Finally, Pluto just shy of the IC and still in orbs to the square with my Ascendant reveals the manner that this event is transforming my life. After almost 40 years of teaching English to earn my living, I am slowly creating the life of my dreams doing the work that I love.




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